Elysium VR First Community Based Project with Massive Multiplayer And Role Play
—And all for VR & PC —

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About Project:

We are RAV3 team, we are working on Project Elysium. Elysium is a multiplayer Roleplaying game designed for virtual reality. The player falls into a sandbox world (Saint-Graice islands), in which he or she will live, work and have fun. The everyday life is detailed, starting from the need for water and food, finishing with decoration of their apartment / house. You just have to comfortably settle in this world and go in search of adventure with your friends. Each player can have different jobs, ranging from a dangerous bandit from the hood, ending with the president of the island state of Saint-Graice islands. You are guaranteed to experience maximum immersion in the gameplay! After all, all this will happen in VR ( and PC )!

We detail everything to the fullest like: technologies, weapons, survival, building and economics. Thanks to this, the gameplay will be full of constant adventures and action! You will generate stories, which cannot be kept silent!

Main Features:


Open World

Elysium will take place in a big world with many different biomes, such as: Tundra, Snow&Mountains, Taiga, Forest, Rain Forest, Steppes, Jungles and Desert.


Massive Multiplayer

We are designing this project to handle a huge amount of players on a server. Our target is over 500+ Players per server!



We will have many types of vehicles such as: planes, cars, helicopters, boats, ships and motorbikes.



There are many different types of weapons. Pistols, shotguns , rifles and more. All of them are detailed to make game play more interesting.


Character Editor

Create your own unique and stylish character. Customize it and keep it fresh. When you finish, start making your epic story!


Building System

Build different and unique Houses! There are no limits! You can build apartments, sell your living space, or build a mansion for yourself.

Jobs System:


Goverment Jobs

You can work as a Police officer, work at a Hospital, Army, Special Agency, Press and more. To get a Government job, you will need knowledge and training of that job, you can go to the Capital to undergo the training necessary.


Pre-build Commerce

There will be some pre-build infrastructure which first players could own, such as: Gas stations, weapon shops, car dealerships, hotels and more. We always listen to the community and you can suggest, which we may implement..


Service & Transport

Your decide, become a bus or taxi driver, courier service, mail delivery and so on. These jobs are easy to start earning money and build a career.


Default Professions

Most popular way to make money for citizens will be industrial enterprises. For example: lumberjack, miner, fisherman, Hunter and other. All of these jobs need trucks to deliver goods.


Private Commerce

Found your own restaurant, cafe, clothing store, various salons (hairdressers, auto / motor showrooms, tuning, etc.) or even a farm. Everything you want!


Any Custom Jobs

Anyway, do all stuff you can imagine! You decide how to get money and power! Or just work for others players.

All this for VR (and PC):

development moment, with some shooting mechanics:

Some Helicopter controls:


One of the most important features is the power of our community. Every player will be able to change the Elysium World and add something new through community workshop! We will make this process intuitive and simple. There will be workshop implemeneted with a voting system, where community will decide, which model or feature to add. You can become a creator and upload your creations and ideas!That's how it goes:


Create any object you want. For Example cars, clothes, buildings, maps, haircuts, weapons, materials, food, furniture or anything else.



Upload your product through special Elysium Creator Section
( More info in our forum )


3.Get community Approve

Your creation will be placed on community voting feed. If your product get approved and doesn't break any game rules, we will add your creation to the game in a weekly update!


4.Earn in-game money from your product sales!

Awesome! Now your creation will appear in the stores of Saint-Graice Islands, and other players will be able to buy it, using in-game currency. And at least 50% of sales will be transfered on your in-game bank account!


And this is only a tip of iceberg! We just want to say that the biggest part of game is going to be developed together with You - the community!

Welcome to the Saint-Graice Islands (SGI):

the approximate game world size is 6,2x6,2mi (10x10km). In each biome there will be pre-built stuff developed by us, like: capitals(cities), roads, some gas stations, grocery stores, few airports and some other neccessary facilities. Then cities are going to grow due to how the players build them!!
Check our game map concept below:

Elysium Beyond (App)

In the world of Elysium, smartphone plays very big role and is responsible for many functions. We decided to unite the game world and the real world through our App! With "Elysium Beyond" you will be able to control all important game processes even if you are not in game! Make purchases through the game-internet, send messages, track your vehicles using GPS and much more!

Stay in touch with your friends even if you are NOT in Game!


Elysium is not just a game, it's our creative space for self-expression! Our main target to make that that each player could generate their own awesome and epic game story, which cannot be keep in silence! We want to make an awesome game tool, with great sound, lovely physics and deeply developed details. Now it's your turn to improve world of Elysium!

Live Economy System

Real-Time Economy will be also implemented. The economic machine will work and adapt to the game conditions automatically! For example, if there is an excess of a certain ore in the market, the value on it begins to fall accordingly. Similarly, on the contrary, if there is a deficit of some mineral, its value will increase noticeably. All this powered by Mineral

And that's how it's going to look like:

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