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What is Project Elysium?

Enter the immersive and fantastic world of Elysium VR. Dive into a deeply rich MMO Roleplaying Experience, available for both Virtual Reality and desktop. Find a job, build yourself up in your virtual society, and come out on top of the game.

From the need for water and food to a full dynamic economy, life in Elysium VR is extremely detailed. What stories will you make within the gameworld? Read on and discover what you are capable of!

Main Features:


Jobs System:


Beyond App

But how do you manage all of these complex elements, even if you are not playing? Fear not, for we have the Elysium Beyond app. What if unite the game world and the real world through our App? Manage your finances, track your vehicles and businesses, buy items, trade with other players, and even message with your in-game friends.

Will be available at:

Community Workshop

Elysium VR is community powered project. Have experience with 3D modelling software or programming? Build your own cars, guns, skins, mechanics and more, then just submit them to our workshop for a community review. If it's accepted, players can then sell that item in the world of Elysium, with you receiving a portion of the profits. Start your own line of fashion, cars, posters, merchandise, anything!

Dynamic economy

Of course, all this costs intense resources. That’s why we’ve included a detailed, reactive economy. Will your investments fail to get off the ground, or can you game the market to your advantage? Find what products are in demand, and sell them to other players to make insane profits. Your own intellect and cunning are all you need to be successful in the Saint-Graice Islands.

Game World

Welcome to the Saint-Graice Islands. With a variety of biomes, each with their own resources, and 100 square kilometers of space to explore and build up in, expect hundreds of hours of playtime venturing out and expanding your horizons.From climbing snowy mountains to braving harsh deserts and jungles, there is a little something for every brand of pioneer. But you don’t have to go out alone. With up to 500 players per server, make lifelong friends or bitter enemies. Make sure to find people you trust, and make brave new ventures. Create a coffee shop, a gang, a company, or even a radio station. Your imagination is truly the limit.

Will be available on:

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